Updated Patient Mask Policy

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*NEW* Patient Mask Policy
February 23, 2021
Patient Mask Policy

To continue to promote the health and safety of all patients and staff of Arbour Family Medical Centre, and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and Variants of Concern (VOCs).

As of Tuesday February 23, 2021, Arbour Family Medical Centre will provide all patients visiting the office for an appointment with a Level 1 procedure mask in alignment with the Guelph Family Health Team IPAC Policy and Ontario Public Health Guidelines. The medical mask must either replace the cloth mask worn by the patient into the office, or be placed under the cloth mask in order to double mask.

 “15. Health care settings should ensure that patients are masked (unless there is a contraindication to masking or the patient is unable to mask) in all of the following situations except when the mask must be removed briefly for clinical purposes (e.g., for an oral exam or nasopharyngeal swab). The health care setting should provide patients with a medical mask in these instances: 

a. When visiting a client in their home. 

b. In all areas of an outpatient health care facility including the exam room.” 

 “19. Where health care settings expect patients to be masked, the health care setting should provide the patient with a medical mask.”

 Who should wear a mask or face covering?

Physicians, Nursing Staff, Administrative Staff, all Guelph Family Health Team staff as well as patients who are who are working or attending an appointment at Arbour Family Medical Centre. Masks must be worn properly for the duration of your shift, appointment, etc. Masks and Face Coverings must be worn when travelling through the office, to shared spaces and when physical distancing cannot be maintained. All patients being seen in office are required to wear a mask or face covering. The patient must not remove the mask or face covering unless directed by medical personnel.

 What if I am alone in an exam room?

All patients and companions (if applicable) must keep their mask or face covering on – even if sitting alone in an exam room.

 When can I remove my mask?

While a face covering must be worn inside the office at all times, you may remove your mask when it is reasonably or medically required to do so.


This policy will be updated as required and directed by Public Health.
Updated: Monday February 22, 2021
Added to AFMCI COVID-19 Safety Plan Tuesday February 23, 2021

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