I have Moved Out Of Guelph. Can I Keep Seeing my Arbour Family Medical Physician?

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Over the years some of our patients have relocated out of Guelph with no plan to return in the foreseeable future. While we appreciate that some patients may wish to stay with their Arbour physician, it is important that everyone find access to a local family doctor who is close enough to address health concerns in a timely manner.

Having A Physician In Your Local Area Will:
  • improve your access to healthcare
  • Ensure that you have a family doctor that has knowledge of and understands your area's medical system and resources.

There are many situations in which seeing your doctor in-person is necessary to ensure the appropriate medical care is provided. Patients may also require referrals to specialists or other healthcare services. Most physicians are only familiar with the practices, wait times, and nuances of the services located in the community in which they practice.

For patients who have relocated outside of Ontario, please note that physicians in Canada are licensed by their provincial colleges. Our physicians are licensed to practice in Ontario only and are only able to provide medical care (even by phone or video) to patients who are physically located in Ontario.

If you have moved out of Guelph, we ask that you contact us to close your file with your physician at Arbour Family Medical If you require assistance finding a local family doctor, please visit Health Care Connect. We wish you all the best in your new community and appreciate the opportunity to have participated in your medical care.

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