How do I register my newborn?

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Wait, I’m Not An Arbour Family Medical Patient

If that’s the case, our sincere apologies - we recommend that you look for another clinic to see your newborn at this time. Our new patient registration is currently closed, with the exception of newborns of existing patients. Those patients can continue below.

I Am An Active Arbour Family Medical Patient

I Do Not Have A Midwife

Before you and your newborn baby are discharged from the hospital, you should receive instructions on when you need to bring your newborn in for his/her first check-up with the doctor.  This is usually within 48-72 hours of hospital discharge.  

If you wish to register your newborn baby with your Arbour Family Medical Doctor, please complete this form. Once received, we'll contact you by phone to let you know of a date & time for your newborn's first appointment. You'll need to register your newborn for OHIP first though.

I Have A Midwife

If you have a midwife, your newborn typically does not need to see a physician until they are 2 months old. Nevertheless, it is useful to register your newborn baby with your doctor as early as possible using this form.

If there are no specific medical concerns that suggest an earlier appointment is warranted, we'll register your newborn and call you inviting you to schedule a well baby visit for after the 2 month mark.

If you think an appointment prior to your newborn's 2 month birthday is needed, when completing the form, please call us to book a sooner appointment.

Lastly, the above information only applies to newborn babies who have just been discharged from the hospital or a midwife:

If you have an older infant or child that you wish to register as a patient, please go through the standard patient registration process.

If you are a current patient who has already filled in the form below, and has received confirmation that your child has been registered, please use the ‘Well Baby’ option on your physician's booking page in order to book their first visit after Midwife Discharge.

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