Running Late For An In Person Appointment

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Thank you for making the effort to let us know that you are running behind.

While we definitely appreciate your good intentions, we won’t know until you arrive whether it is possible for your physician to still see you, or how long you will have to wait.

There could be a variety of reasons for this, for example:

  • whether other patients have missed their appointment
  • the “type” of visit you were booked for
  • whether your physician has had to handle a more complex medical issue / is running behind
  • whether your physician can stay later, etc.

At Arbour Family Medical, our physicians strive to minimize wait time by adhering to the schedule as closely as possible. To help with this, patients who arrive late may need to have their appointment rescheduled for another day. While our on-site staff will make every effort to accommodate you, please be aware that they may be unable to fit you into the schedule or there may be a significant wait if you need to be fit into the schedule.

We request that you do not email our team to inform them of a late arrival. Due to the high volume of incoming emails, it is unlikely that our staff will see your message before your arrival at the office or before the start of your scheduled visit.

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