Prescription Renewals

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Prescription Renewals

To renew an existing/current prescription issued by your current Arbour Medical physician, please contact your pharmacy directly.

In some cases, an appointment is required (and covered by OHIP) if you have not used this medication in an extended period of time. 

Please keep in mind all patients have the option of booking an OHIP covered appointment for a prescription renewals.

If you are looking to renew a prescription that was not originally prescribed by your Arbour Medical Physician, please always book an appointment.

If you were given a physical copy of your prescription and you have lost it, please contact us with the name, address, and fax number of the pharmacy that you'd like a replacement prescription faxed to.

How Long Will It Take?

When requesting a prescription - please allow up to two weeks for the fax to be processed and returned to the pharmacy as your doctor receives a high volume of correspondence daily.  Kindly take this processing time into account, and be sure to request prescription renewals at least one week before your medication runs out.

How Can I Update My Preferred Pharmacy On File?

If you wish to update your preferred pharmacy on file for future prescriptions sent by our office, please fill out this form.

Keep in mind that it may take several days to update. If you are booked for an appointment,  please advise your physician that you would like your prescription sent to a new pharmacy during your visit.

If your prescription was already faxed to another pharmacy - please directly contact the pharmacy the prescription is now with. They will be able to forward it to your pharmacy of choice.

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