Referral Follow Up

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New referrals require an appointment with your physician.
If you are looking to get a referral, please book an appointment.

Otherwise, this page is designed to provide you with information about how to follow-up on / change / update us on any existing referrals made to outside specialists by your physician at Arbour Family Medical

Following Up On A Referral / Looking For An Appointment Date

Most specialists reach out to patients directly, and in those cases you will be instructed to follow-up with the specialist directly as well. Other specialists only contact us, so in that case, we will do the follow-up until we receive your appointment date. Once we receive an appointment date, we will share it with you. Calling our office or the specialist will not expedite this process.

Cancelling / Reschedulinging A Specialist Appointment

To avoid any miscommunications with the specialist’s office, please contact them directly to make changes to your appointment. Their contact information will have been included in the email you received from their office, or would have been provided to you when they notified you by telephone. Many speciaslist contact information is also available online.

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