Follow Up On A Report or Result

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In terms of timing, please remember that our physicians receive hundreds of reports a week, and so it can take a bit of time for them to review. Physicians also triage concerns - more serious issues are typically prioritized.

If the report is normal, you will not hear from us - After all, no news is good news!

If you feel that you should have heard back from your physician regarding your report, please contact us by phone and let us know which facility/clinic that you visited to have the test completed. Our administrative team is not able to comment on the status or the results themselves, so kindly keep in mind that it may take some time to hear back from your physician (that is: anywhere from 5-7 business days).

If you were instructed by your physician, or feel that the above does not apply to you, you can schedule a regular appointment with your physician to review your results directly; please do not schedule an appointment reserved for urgent matters, or with the on-call physician.

A copy of your results can often be obtained from the testing facility (e.g. if you went to Lifelabs or Gamma Dynacare) by reaching out to the location you visited directly.

Pap Test Results

We would like to note all labs (ie. Dynacare, Lifelabs, etc) are experiencing a significant back log in processing Pap tests in particular at the moment. Unfortunately, as this is out of our control, we can't say exactly when we will receive your results.

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