Converting Appointment Types

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Please note that scheduling conflicts, travel distance, or a personal preference for virtual visits should not prevent you from scheduling an in-person appointment. We want to emphasize to all patients that providing care solely through remote means is not always feasible, as certain situations require an in-person visit to ensure proper medical care. We elaborate further on the significance of having a local doctor here: "I Have Moved Out Of Guelph."

Can An In-person Time slot Be Changed Into A Virtual Visit?

Converting designated in-person time slots to virtual appointments is not possible. It is crucial that these specific time slots remain accessible for patients who require in-office visits. If you prefer a virtual appointment, please cancel your scheduled in-person visit and book a suitable appointment using the appropriate appointment type. Kindly use your physician's regular booking page to schedule an appointment that suits your needs and preferences.

Can My Virtual Appointment Be Changed To In-person?

Patients are unable to directly convert their virtual visits into in-person appointments. To determine whether your physician is available for an in-person visit on a specific day, you will need to check their schedule. Please visit your physician's booking page to schedule an in-person appointment at your convenience instead, and kindly cancel your virtual visit if necessary.

But I Am Sick, Shouldn’t I Avoid Coming To The Office?

Patients who screen positive on our Covid-19 self-screening questionnaire are still allowed to attend in-person appointments. However, it is important to wear a mask during the visit. At Arbour Family Medical, it is now considered safe for patients to come for in-person appointments due to the following reasons:

High COVID-19 vaccination rates in the local area.
Implementation of comprehensive infection control measures.
Strict safety protocols, including universal masking, multiple points of COVID-19 symptom screening, and limiting the total number of in-person appointments to ensure physical distancing.
Doctors make decisions about the need for an in-person assessment based on years of medical training and experience, on the individual's unique circumstances and specific health concern, and on the individual's overall medical history. Requests to have a virtual appointment instead may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis only for patients who are at high risk of complications of COVID-19

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