Commonly Asked Questions

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General Information about Arbour Family Medical Centre


This page is designed to provide direction about general administrative questions. Kindly review the information below closely.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you were instructed to email us, our contact information (including our phone number) is at the bottom.

1. Download New Patient Forms
       To make your first appointment with us go as smoothly as possible, please fill out our New Patient Form in advance.

2.  To allow someone else to book appointments and receive information from your medical record, please fill out our Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information form.

Provide your doctor Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information

Or, you can download and print Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information Form
3.   To allow us to communicate with you through email, please fill out our Consent and Release to Receive Email form.

Provide your doctor Consent to Release and Receive Emails

Or, you can download and print Consent to Release and Receive Emails Form

Information For Existing Patients


Requests for the completion of medical forms, sick notes, referrals, specialized testing, preventative health checks (e.g. physicals), or discussions about any new medical concern should be done through your physician’s booking page.

1. When will I receive test results?

2. How can I request a copy of my medical records?

3. How can I provide my physician a copy of medical records?

Requests for a requisition for blood tests and / or imaging should be made during an appointment with your physician.

What if I lost my existing requisition?


Our physicians have compiled a list of websites they commonly recommend to their patients. This includes Information of common illnesses, commonly asked questions and community resources 


If you no longer wish to be a patient at Arbour Family Medical Center, Please call us to begin this process

Arbour family Medical Policies and Information

Contacting us Directly


Patients can click here to contact us online with administrative questions, with responses to their physicians, or if they were instructed to on their physician’s booking page. Physicians do not use personal emails, all patients are asked to use the above email address. This helps minimize the risk that correspondence is missed and ensures questions are routed to the correct individual in a timely manner.

The team gets hundreds of emails a day. Kindly note it may require up to several business days for us to respond to administrative requests. As there is always a small risk of human error on our part, please don't hesitate to follow-up with us if you do not hear back within a week’s time. We have multiple dedicated staff members working through them!

Even if you have not completed our Authorization for Email Communication, if you email us without any indication that we should not respond by email, we will usually, but not always, infer that we have your consent to at least reply to your email correspondence in the same manner (i.e. by email as well).


We strongly prefer electronic written communication, as we can respond in a more accurate, comprehensive, and timely manner.

However, it is also an option to contact us if you have an inquiry or request that you strongly believe would be better communicated by phone at 519-823-5133. Examples include:

Time sensitive administrative (not medical) requests.
You’ve been asked to call back.
Appointment scheduling is nearly always better to do online. All appointments can be booked online, nothing is hidden.

There may be a significant hold time when calling.

Please note that if your inquiry can be handled online with our existing resources and systems, we will oftentimes ask you to do so.


If you would like to stop by in person, our staff would be happy to assist as required.

Proud Partners of the Guelph Family Health Team.

Arbour Family Medical Centre offers comprehensive health care services for the whole family.

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